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Special Announcement

Precision Care for Long COVID

Precision Care for Long COVID

Our "Precision Care for Long COVID" is a signature programme of the COVID Recovery Clinic.

Clinical researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s (CUHK) Faculty of Medicine (CU Medicine) have identified for the first time distinct gut microbiome profiles associated with long COVID. These distinct gut microbial signatures can be used to predict the risk of developing long COVID and diagnose long COVID in patients with persistent symptoms after the acute infection. This is the world’s first study to demonstrate the gut microbiota as a key determinant of long COVID. Study results have been published in the international journal Gut.   

The team of CU Medicine has also shown that a novel gut microbiome immunity formula (SIM01) developed by CUHK can prevent the development of long COVID as well as treat long COVID by hastening recovery after COVID and restoring dysbiosis. 

Please refer to the link below for the details of the relevant study conducted by CU Medicine:

[Schematic diagram showing the association between gut microbiome composition and "Long COVID"]


Programme Features

  • CUHK translational medicine to bedside management co-designed with CUHK professorial team
  • Non-invasive stool test to detect distinct gut microbiome profile associated with long COVID; for suspected long COVID with about 90% sensitivity and specificity and predicting the responsiveness to gut microbiome modulating therapy
  • Modulating gut microbiota by dietary advice and CUHK’s microbiome immunity formula SIM01* per doctor’s prescription for patients in need 

*Prescription of SIM01 is based on the microbiome findings with a separate privilege fee.


Programme Details & Fees

Programme Items

  • Comprehensive Symptom Assessment

  • Doctor Consultations (pre and post-test consultations)

  • Long COVID Gut Microbiome Test

  • Dietitian Consultations (two consultations)




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