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Happy Age Health Check Programme

Happy Age Health Check Programme

The Happy Age Health Check Programme (the Programme) is specially designed to fit senior adult’s needs. In addition to regular health check items, the Programme also covers multiple geriatric assessment.  This allows senior adults and their families to have a better understanding of the senior's health status and facilitates earlier intervention of any health risks and problems identified.


Programme Features

  • Tailored for the health needs of senior adults  
  • Various assessments on muscle strength, hearing, sight and cognitive ability
  • Results debriefing and recommendation by doctor
  • Supported by our geriatric specialist and multi-disciplinary team to offer one-stop services for seniors in need


Programme Details and Fee

Check-up items 


  • Muscle Strength: Hand grip strength and leg muscle strength 

  • Cognitive Ability: Hong Kong version of Montreal Cognitive Assessment (5-min Protocol)

  • Hearing: Audiometry 

  • Vision: Visual acuity and Amsler-grid

Blood Analysis

  • Blood Grouping & Rh Factor

  • Complete Blood Count

Red Blood Cell


White Blood Cell


Coronary Artery Disease Risk Assessment

  • Lipid Profile

Total Cholesterol

High-density Lipoprotein & Low-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol


Non-high density Lipoprotein Cholesterol

Total Cholesterol / HDL ratio

Diabetes Assessment

  • Fasting Blood Sugar

  • HbA1c

Bone, Liver Function Test

  • Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin

  • ALT

  • Gamma GT

  • Alkaline Phosphatase

  • AST

  • Total Bilirubin

  • Calcium

  • Phosphorus

Renal Function Test

  • Urea, Creatinine

Gout Screening

  • Uric Acid

Thyroid Function Test

  • TSH

Urinalysis Routine

  • Urine Routine

Heart Assessment

  • Resting ECG

Physical Assessment

  • Blood pressure, height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), & waist line



Note: Fall Risk Screening is also available on a fee-for-service basis.



Booking and Enquiry: 3946 6188

addressWellness Centre, 11/F, CUHKMC