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Preparing for Pregnancy Programme

Preparing for Pregnancy Programme 

Preparing for Pregnancy Programme (Programme) is designed to help couples who plan for pregnancy with the provision of tailored interventions to improve the state of health of participants for them to get ready for pregnancy.  

The Programme includes a physical examination and a thorough assessment of the participants’ health condition, their individual and family medical history and health risk. Based on each participant’s health risk factors and needs, targeted blood test items(Note) will be proposed based on the “right fit” principle. Our medical team will provide a thorough debriefing on the physical examination and blood analysis results, and will provide guidance and advice on participants’ pregnancy planning.

Our multi-disciplinary approach enables participants to choose professional services, such as genetic or hereditary disease screening and weight management, that they need pursuant to doctor’s advice. 

Programme Features

  • Need-based, person-centric 
  • Professional consultation and advice for pregnancy planning 
  • Flexibility in screening: as deficiency in “vitamin D” and “iron” is common among women at reproductive age, the Programme is inclusive of blood analysis on these two nutrients; doctor will propose targeted blood test items(Note) according to participant’s risk factors
  • Tailored interventions for improving health status
  • Provision of other advices based on the needs of participant, such as nutritional advice

Programme Details and Fee


Note: Optional blood test items (such as HIV and syphilis) are available (related fees and/or charges are not included in the Programme Fee).  

Booking and enquiry: 3946 6188

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