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BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service (Self-financed) Terms & Conditions and Personal Information Collection Statement

BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service (Self-financed)
Terms and Conditions and Personal Information Collection Statement


  1. Fosun/BioNTech “Comirnaty” Bivalent Vaccination Service is a self-financed vaccination service (“BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service”).
  2. The Fee for BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service is HK$1,600 (BioNTech Bivalent vaccine only, does not include Doctor consultation). 
  3. If you do not meet the eligibility and conditions for receiving BioNTech Bivalent vaccine (including, but not limited to, failure to present valid identification documents or basic immunisation records, or you are not suitable to receive BioNTech Bivalent vaccine according to your health conditions, CUHKMC would not provide the vaccination service to you.
  4. CUHKMC does not accept health care vouchers under the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme as payment for the fee for BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service or related doctor consultation fee.
  5. Additional fee may be levied by CUHKMC if other medical services is requested by you.
  6. Please note that the fee for BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service may not be reimbursed by insurance company. You should consult your insurance company directly to ascertain your insurance coverage prior to receiving BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service. CUHKMC shall not be responsible or be held liable for any such irrecoverable service fee.

    Online Booking
  7. You have to make online booking for BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service. CUHKMC will send you email confirmation upon successful booking for BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service.
  8. Once the online booking for BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service is confirmed, no rescheduling or cancellation will be accepted. The booking is non-changeable, non-transferable and (if applicable) non-refundable.
  9. If you fail to attend the appointment to receive BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service at the scheduled appointment time for any reasons, regardless of whether you have given notice to CUHKMC or not, the appointment will be forfeited without notice and CUHKMC will not refund any monies paid (if any), and CUHKMC will under no circumstances be liable to you for any costs or expenses arising therefrom.
  10. CUHKMC will verify your identity against the booking name and other information provided in the online booking system to ensure that the BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service is provided to the correct person. CUHKMC may refuse to provide the BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service to any person who is not the person recorded in the online booking system and will not refund any monies paid (if any).

    Personal Information Collection Statement

    Please read this statement before you provide personal data to CUHKMC.  

    Purposes of Collection
  11. Personal data provided by you will be used by CUHKMC for the following purposes:
    a.processing and confirming your appointment for the vaccination service and handling inquiries related to the aforesaid appointment;
    b.verifying and confirming your eligibility for the vaccination service;
    c.checking with and reporting to relevant government departments and organisations on the status of receiving COVID-19 vaccine;
    d.informing relevant government bureaux or departments and organisations for follow up actions after the vaccination;
    e.for creation, processing of and using Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) account, the giving of and management of joining consent and/or sharing consent, updating of information in eHealth, receipt of eHealth notifications, and withdrawal from eHealth. Your health information will be shared among healthcare providers, who have obtained sharing consent from you, via eHealth.
    f.transferring to the Department of Health and relevant organisations collaborated with the Government for continuous monitoring of the safety and clinical events associated with COVID-19 vaccination;
    g.for statistical and research purposes;
    h.preventing, protecting against, delaying or otherwise controlling the incidence or transmission of the COVID-19 disease; 
    i.any other legitimate purposes as may be required, authorised, or permitted by law; and
    j.any other purposes directly related to any of the foregoing purposes.    。
  12. It is not mandatory for you to provide the personal data as required. You must ensure that the personal data provided is accurate and complete. If the required personal data is not provided or that the personal data provided is inaccurate, incomplete, or false, CUHKMC may not be able to provide the requested service(s). 

    Disclosure of Personal Data
  13. Your personal data will form part of your medical records kept at CUHKMC. CUHKMC reserves the right to review the booking and, where appropriate, reject or cancel the booking if any information provided is invalid, inaccurate, incomplete, false, or misleading.
  14. CUHKMC may transfer your personal data to their respective agents or subcontractors, relevant government bureaux, departments and organisations and relevant organisations collaborating with the Government for the purposes set out in this statement.

    Data Access/Correction Request
  15. You have the right to request access to and/or correction of your personal data held by CUHKMC. You have to make your data access or correction request in writing to our Data Protection Officer by post or by email to the address or email address set out below:
     CUHK Medical Centre
     Address: Medical Records Office, CUHK Medical Centre, 9 Chak Cheung Street, Shatin, New Territories
    Any data access request is subject to payment of a reasonable fee to CUHKMC.

    Other terms
  16. Before proceeding with the online booking, you should read the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of CUHKMC carefully.
  17. In case of any dispute, the decision of CUHKMC shall be final and conclusive. CUHKMC shall have the final decision to not provide the BioNTech Bivalent Vaccination Service.
  18. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions and Personal Information Collection Statement, the English version shall prevail.